Prosthetic Leg Cover

Prosthetic Leg Cover

The Leg Cover is used as accessory by the people having prosthetic leg. The prosthetic leg can be of any model, the cover won’t affect the model used. The cover is aesthetically  pleasing and provides you with confidence to walk around freely, without any hesitation about the leg. The person below is using Ottobock Series 3R80 type of prosthetic leg.

The cover is shaped into the form of a natural human leg. The unique shape & surface of the cover expresses the lifestyle & character of the person for whom it has been designed.

                 Smooth, patterned, airy & organic designs are used to provide distinctive character and a variety of colors are available for final post production.


Ottobock - 3R90
Ottobock - C leg Cover

Each cover is custom designed and made according to the end user. Since the custom design, we can incorporate any design, color, pattern suggested by the end user to make it one of a kind cover, made specially for them.

             A simple method of using velcro straps to fasten the cover to the prosthetic leg, ensures putting on and taking off the cover very easy. You can put on the cover as and when required.

              Have your own set of collection of the covers in different designs & colors, to wear according the the occasion or place. So why wait? Hurry now and get your own cover now.